ALTAIR TECHNOLOGIES GROUP is a research and production company with its own design office and highly qualified engineering service.Read more ALTAIR GROUP at your request, provides a turnkey service for equipment at your locationRead more ALTAIR GROUP Fast deployment, high scalability, low visibility and uncompromising efficiency – this is the ideology of our engineers!Read more
Sharjah International Airport, UAE
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The modular design allows us to quickly adapt our products to the needs of our customers.



We carry out intelligent design for the achievement of various missions by means of UAVs, make professional training of pilots and operators.

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The scope of our activity is the development, production and service of unmanned systems. The company has a scientific and production base in Ukraine and the UAE.
Our tech developments have a long-term positive experience of use in real live scenarios and the engineers of our design bureau are always at the peak of modern technologies and trends. ALWAYS FORWARD!
Altair Technologies team

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LOKIThe use of UAVs as a means of aerial reconnaissance, surveillance using various types of technology. Performing reconnaissance, observation, surveillance on gas and oil fields. Read more THORThe use of an UAV as a mean of aerial reconnaissance, observing with the help of various types of equipment.Performing reconnaissance.Read more


Altair Technologies team contributes to the full disclosure of the potential of its equipment, providing, as a service, professional training of UAV pilot-operators in application techniques, training of technical personnel. Training programs cover all stages of professional development of a pilot and a technician and contribute to the growth of the number of highly qualified specialists in your Team!

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Altair Technologies, at your request, provides a turnkey service for equipment at your location.Our team is able to provide trouble-free ALL-IN service support for our products at a high technological level, the packages of this service may include options from commissioning of the purchased UAV complexes and base control stations to the departure of our design bureau specialists and technical service for organizing operational services at customer base and discussion of specific engineering and technical requirements of the Customer.We provide uninterrupted logistics and ALL-IN technical support to service departments that ensure the trouble-free and efficient operation of our UAV complexes. The offered service packages provide the full range of actions necessary for the trouble-free functioning of systems.



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